FEBA Observatory on Food Donation

Welcome to the FEBA online Observatory on Food Donation! 

The FEBA online Observatory on Food Donation is a platform where FEBA Members bring together key information on their impact.  

The online platform is designed to allow the automatic data collection and processing of statistics by FEBA and its Members to manage a rich set of indicators, and aggregate data at European level.

The 2021 data collection campaign is open from 8/02/22 to 11/03/22

We have studied the complexity of data collection and the diverse dataset structures used in the different countries. We have discussed and exchanged views, we have identified our indicators, and we have agreed on a common terminology. Through an in depth analysis of the existing systems used by FEBA Members to collect data, we have developed an online platform to host an Observatory on Food Donation. This is a first unique European Observatory on Food Donation.

Jacques Vandenschrik
President, European Food Banks Federation